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Vacuum Sealer – Essential Homestead Tools

Ever since we got our first vacuum sealer, we’ve been hooked. You could say that it sealed the deal for us. There are many uses for a vacuum sealer on our Wilderstead where we grow our own food, forage, and buy in bulk.


Use the discount code: WILDERSTEAD to get 20% off the Sunglife Automatic Vacuum Sealer on AMAZON.

The main reason we use a vacuum sealer is to prolong the life of our food. By vacuum sealing, we prevent freezer burn when freezing, and mold and bacteria in the fridge or pantry. Without oxygen, mold and bacteria cannot grow, which makes the food last months longer than if you sealed it any other way. When vacuum sealed, food doesn’t discolour, and the moisture does not evaporate.

Vacuum sealers are also great when we buy in bulk. When we buy in bulk we save money, but that is only if we can eat the food fast enough before it spoils. We use the vacuum sealer to store meats and other foods in meal size portions, increasing their shelf-life and extending the time between shopping trips.

Living in our Canadian climate means that all our food is ready all at once, in the fall, and there is no way we can eat it all right away. Instead of just canning everything, vacuum sealing allows us to make the vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and meat we harvest and forage last. The addition of a dehydrator to the equation also allows us to make more room in the freezer and store vacuum sealed items in the pantry for months.

Speaking of space saving, by vacuum sealing, you condense the size of the packaging, making more room in your pantry and freezer. The shape of the bags make them easy to organize, and you can write the dates on your food for added food security.

Have we sealed the deal for you as well? Check out this vacuum sealer by Sunglife. They sent us a vacuum sealer to try and it has been working great for us. It is simple and affordable, especially if you use the 20% discount code: “Wilderstead”

Use the discount code: WILDERSTEAD to get 20% off the Sunglife Automatic Vacuum Sealer on AMAZON.

Disclaimer: We will make some money from Amazon if you follow the link.


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