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Stay Connected During Power Outages with Bluetti EB3A

We often find ourselves far away from a source of power, so we decided to get a portable power station, and we were excited when contacted by BLUETTI to test out their EB3A model. We plan to use BLUETTI to extend our range on the Wilderstead, when we are on longer foraging trips like when we go pick blueberries, when we are fishing or camping, and finally as a back up for when the power goes out.

In this video we ran the unit through a bit of an experiment. We started by putting the BLUETTI EB3A to the test by using it to make coffee and a breakfast sandwich. While eating breakfast, we tested our ability to stay entertained and informed by watching some TV. We also checked out items that need uninterrupted power in an outage including an incubator and the chicken water heater. To test the usefulness of the BLUETTI on the property, we consider its ability to run the water pump for the garden, for charging our power tools, and for charging an electric cooler to have cold drinks on the go.

The EB3A has a variety of input and output ports, including 2 AC outlets, 2 DC outputs, 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, one 12V DC port, and even a wireless charging pad on top. This means that you can charge multiple devices at once. There is built-in LCD display that shows you the battery level and input/output status. The Bluetti EB3A weighs just over 10 lbs, which makes it fairly light and portable. It’s also equipped with a solar charge controller, which allows it to be recharged using solar panels. The unit can be fully charged in around 1.5 hours using a wall outlet and 2-3 hrs with solar panels. Adaptors to either charge it with your vehicle or solar panels need to be purchased separately though.

Overall, we think the BLUETTI EB3A is a great inexpensive option for anyone who needs portable power station. While the small size means that it has limited power output and capacity; the fast charging, portability, and multiple outputs make it a versatile and convenient device, whether you’re working on projects on your property, camping, fishing, travelling, or just need backup power for emergencies.


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