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Our Off Grid Salad Spinner Laundry Machine | Tiny House Appliance

Washing laundry in an off grid situation is tough. You have to think about energy use & water demands. We have a simple off grid laundry solution using a small salad spinner for washing our unpaper towels and other delicates such as bras.

Here’s a video of our salad spinner laundry machine:

The salad spinner was purchased for about five dollars at a second hand store. It works great as an off grid DIY laundry machine and spin dry solution. It takes up virtually no space, so it’s also great as a tiny house laundry machine.

This would also work great as a portable laundry machine to take on camping and RV trips to do small loads of laundry as needed.

We get our unpaper towels from Sew Eco Reusable Food Transporters. Our laundry detergent comes from Wylde Rose Soaps.


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