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Manitoba Common Redpolls Acanthis flammea

We are surrounded by wildlife, big and small, in Manitoba. A lot of the small stuff doesn’t get noticed. Our area (Steinbach/southeast Manitoba area) is the southern range of the common Redpoll. When they ‘fly south’ this is south to them. They spend summer in the arctic, and winter here.

We’ve had a big rush of common redpolls here the last couple of weeks. Awesome little birds, they are. And very tricky to get a decent shot of. Patience pays off!

Some video I managed to get in Southeast Manitoba over the last few days.

We have daily visits from a large number of Common Redpolls (Acanthis flammea) to our feeders.  These tiny birds in the Finch family are considered a partial migrant, in that they move somewhat southward from their summer arctic home in late autumn to overwinter.  They head back north again in March and April.  In North America, they rarely migrate south of Canada.  Mature males birds often have bright red breasts while females lack the loud colouration.

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