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How To Make Chaga Tea Two Ways

Chaga freshly harvested from the Birch tree needs to be processed before you can make Chaga tea. Processing the Chaga right away is recommended as it is much easier to deal with when fresh than if you let it dry first. With a sharp knife or a hatchet, shave the Chaga into thin strips or break into small chunks (chaga nuggets) about the size of a marble.

Tea Infusers and Chaga Teas we Recommend:

Once dried, the thin strips can be processed into chaga powder in a coffee grinder. Place 1 tablespoon of the chaga powder in an infuser and soak in hot (but not boiling) water. Let soak until the tea is of your desired consistency. The dried chaga nuggets can be used as is, place 5-6 nuggets in a pot with 1 litre of simmering hot water; continue to simmer the chaga for 1-8 hours. The longer the brewing time, the richer the flavour and the darker the colour of your brew. Enjoy as is, or sweeten with some maple or birch syrup!

Chaga has many potential health benefits including but not limited to:

•Nutrient-dense superfood •Slowing the aging process •Lowering cholesterol •Preventing and fighting cancer •Lowering blood pressure •Supporting the immune system •Fighting inflammation •Lowering blood sugar


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