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Homemade Broom and Boot Brush Stand

When space is limited dual purpose items are very important. The entryway of our house is always full of snow and dirt so we really needed a boot brush. But the reason that our boots were tracking all that snow and dirt was because we also needed a broom to clear all the snow and mud off of our steps. So I decided to make a stand that would turn a broom head into a boot brush, but could be easily converted back into a broom to sweep the steps (and the decks we plan to build). This was a simple project with limited tools needed.

Check out the video we made of me struggling through the broom build. The build was part of a “broom thingy” collaboration with some other Youtubers that are all part of a discord group called Content Creators.

By using a single cedar fence board, I was able to get all the pieces of wood for the build. I chose a cedar fence board because this boot brush stand will be outside and exposed to the elements. The only other materials needed were the 6” framing nails to hold in the broom head, and the screws and wood glue to keep the pieces together.

I am not a wood worker by trade so I made a few mistakes along the way but am happy with the end result. If I were to do this again I would try harder to find a boom head that was completely flat at the back so that I could reduce the height of the side pieces and have more of the bristles exposed. A flat broom head would also remove the need for the spacers.

I have attached an image that shows all the steps and sizes of the cuts I made. This may need to be tweaked to fit your broom. The broom I purchased was a Rubbermaid deck brush available at Home Depot.


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