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FORAGE AND FEAST | Coho Salmon | Yellowfoot & Golden Chanterelle | Puffballs | Lake Superior Fi

A tasty wild meal prepared from fresh lake Superior Coho salmon, Yellowfoot Chanterelles (winter chanterelles), Golden Chanterelles and Common Puffballs. We headed out early in the morning to fish a local lake Superior river for fresh fall run coho salmon. Searching the ground nearby, be also found a pile of wild mushrooms to go with the meal. We have a stash of foraged treats stored away, so we also threw some fiddleheads into the mix from this past spring. This is a delicious coho salmon recipe to cook over an open fire. Coho, pink and chinook salmon run the rivers of lake superior every fall on their spawning journey. Late season wild mushrooms are abundant now. Yellowfoot chanterelles, also known as winter chanterelles, or funnel chanterelles can be found. Other fall wild mushrooms include puffballs and golden chanterelles.


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