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Fishing For Lake Superior Steelhead – Rainbow Trout of Lake Superior Provincial Park- May, 201

We’re surrounded by lakes and rivers in the Algoma region of northern Ontario. Every season has something to offer in the way of fishing. Beginning in April, Rainbow Trout begin to trickle into the streams along Lake Superior for their annual spring spawning run. Just about every river along the great lake Gitchigumme is worth a hike, fishing rod in hand.

On the long weekend in May, we headed north to fish some of the streams in Lake Superior Provincial Park. We expected to see quite a few people, being the first long weekend of the spring/summer season. Instead, we were met with nothing but streams loaded with steelhead – lake run rainbow trout.

The streams along Lake Superior are rugged. Sturdy footwear and walking sticks are recommended. Most streams are high gradient with swift rapids over long stretches. Dotting the streams, you’ll find deeper pools where these migratory rainbow trout like to hang out. The deeper water provides a bit of protection for the fish. These deeper pools are where you want to put your focus when targeting Lake Superior Steelhead.

Lake Superior Provincial Park Steelhead Fishing

Just about every stream, at some point not far from the lake, has a natural obstruction – a waterfall. It is at this point that the lake run rainbow trout is stopped in it’s tracks. Above these various waterfalls, brook trout country.

Barrett Falls – Lake Superior Provincial Park

Bait selection is simple. Worms, Roe, Spinners, Spoons or Flies. Any and all of these are productive, although some will work better one day, and you’ll need to change things up the next.

Access is easy on most lake superior tributaries. Park at any given bridge and begin there. Be aware that most anglers won’t move far from the access points, so moving just a few hundred metres either upstream or down will put you on more fish, and fish that are far less weary of your presence than the fish you might find directly at the access point.


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