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Didn’t Plan Ahead Pizza Dough

It is often the case at Dans Bois that we look at each other at 6 pm and ask: What’s for dinner tonight? Well if the answer you really wanted was pizza, but you didn’t plan ahead to make/buy the ingredients, here is your solution. This recipe makes one large pizza with a medium thickness for the crust, or two medium sized pizzas with super thin crusts.


1 cup warm water 1/2 tsp sugar 2 tsp bread or pizza yeast 1.5 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp salt cornmeal

These tools we use for pizza perfection!


  1. Dissolve sugar and yeast into warm water and let sit until foamy.

  2. Sift together 1 cup of flour and the salt in a large bowl.

  3. Pour the yeast/water into the bowl of flour and stir with a wooden spoon.

  4. Stir in the additional flour, adding extra water if needed until you get a thick dough; use your hands.

  1. Let sit, covered, in a warm place to rise; the longer you let it sit the better.

  2. Preheat the oven to 500 F.

  3. Roll the pizza dough out thin. If desired, make cheese stuffed crust by folding the dough over cheese you sprinkle near the edge, sealing the fold with a bit of water on your finger.

  1. Cover with desired toppings. We have a homemade pizza sauce (P12) that we make using the leftover seeds and skins from when we can tomatoes (recipe to come). We also buy pepperoni in bulk and vacuum seal into smaller portions and freeze for last minute pizza nights. If you don’t have mozzarella around almost any cheese will do for an interesting twist. Or make your own! (stay tuned from a video of Amanda making mozzarella).

  1. We find that we get the best results if we use a pizza stone. Put the pizza stone in the oven before you start preheating, and use care when moving the pizza onto the stone when putting it into the oven. It helps to put the pizza on a tray or cutting board with cornmeal sprinkled on it and sliding it off the tray with two people and some flippers/spatulas.

  1. Bake in oven for 10 minutes. Look at the center of pizza to see if it is cooked through, and if not, add more time (5 minutes at a time maximum) if needed.

  2. Have extra dough? Make bread sticks and “Caesar” dipping sauce (combine mayo, garlic, and Parmesan cheese).

  1. Enjoy!

These Are Perfect Pizza Tools!


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