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Dehydrated Tuna Pet Treats For Cats Dogs & People

If there’s one thing both Caddis our pooch and Minnow our 3 legged cat can agree on, it’s their love of dried fish treats.  They both go crazy for them.  The treats are not cheap, though.  The last package we picked up was on sale for $4.00 for less than an ounce.  And that was on sale.  This got us thinking about cheaper ways to keep our pets favourite treats in stock here at the house.  Salmon is one of the most common of these dried fish pet treats.  At the grocery store, we noticed cans of tuna were just over $1 each.  Ding ding ding!!  Let’s try dehydrating tuna and see how it goes!

Check out the video to find out!

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The procedure is simple. Drain the tuna, put it on some trays, and into the dehydrator at 135f for a few hours. Does it work? And more importantly, what will Caddis and Minnow think of these little morsels of dried fish if it does?

Some of our recommended pet products from Amazon


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