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Broadleaf Plantain – Harvesting & Cooking The Flowering Shoots Of Plantago Major

Broadleaf Plantain (plantago major) is one of the most common edible backyard weeds that has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. There are many broadleaf plantain recipes out there, but the simple ones are the best. The flowering shoots of broadleaf plantain are one of the tastiest parts of the plant. If you are looking for a way to control broadleaf plantain weeds on your property, learn how to cook broad leaf plantain in this video!

The entire plant is edible – roots, leaves, flower stalks and fresh flower shoots. There are many edible backyard plants, and you probably have broadleaf plantain growing in your yard. Harvesting and cooking the flowering shoots of broadleaf plantain is easy. The young and tender flower shoots of this weed are a delicious, healthy food that you can forage in an urban setting. The flavour is similar to ostrich fern fiddleheads, and asparagus. Delicious and nutritious!


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