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$50 Collapsible Chicken Brooder – Lumnah Acres Inspired

Every spring, we invest in chickens to raise on our homestead. Some of these chickens will be added to our flock of laying hens, while others will be raised for meat. The chicks start to arrive in mid to late April, and continue to arrive until the end of June. It’s common for us to get day old chicks, which need special care for the first few weeks of their lives, until they’ve feathered out and are ready to join their friends freely roaming the property outside.


This chicken brooder is simple to make, and will only cost you roughly $50. Possibly less depending on what you might already have lying around your house or shop. The brooder collapses completely, and is easily stored without taking up much space at all. Once the initial construction is complete, the collapsable brooder is assembled and taken apart with just 8 screws.

Materials ~ (Amazon Ideas Included)

1 – 4′ x 8′ sheet of 1/2 inch plywood 5 – 1″ x 3″ x 8 foot pieces of pine hardware cloth or chicken wire 2 hinges 4 ‘L’ brackets 2 ‘T’ brackets Woodscrews Wood Glue

Not many tools are needed to build the collabsable chicken coop. Most folks will likely have everything needed, but we’ve listed some deals on Amazon in case you are in need of any of them.

Tools ~ (Amazon Ideas Included)

Circular Saw Cordless Drill ‘T’ Square Measuring Tape Chisel Hammer


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